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African Vegan Art is giving back

Malaïka School in Lubumbashi DRC

​​​" Great work! Unbelievable! I always wonder the way these pattern are realized. Thank you very much" Rebecca K

​"Merci pour avoir donner le sourire a nos filles" Rebecca K

Malaika School in Lubumbashi

Part of what makes Malaika so unique for our students is the fact that we’re not offering only a basic education, but one that holistically offers our girls a gamut of exposure. We love when skilled individuals or those passionate about their field want to share their knowledge and talent with our girls. Recently, our students enjoyed a wrap-dying workshop facilitated by Arlette Ngung! This artistic young woman sent supplies and gave instructions to the girls for this creative venture. Art is an integral part of a well-balanced education, and we’re so grateful to Arlette for her time and for making this fun project happen!



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