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African Vegan Art at the University of Toronto

“Didn't know utsc had events like this. Being encouraged by my prof was really helpful. Although I would not have attended on my own, I'm glad I did this time because it was actually a very fun time and educational experience. I really liked Arlette as she was very nice and knowledgeable.”

Culture Week 2023: African Art Workshop on Bògòlanfini - join us as we explore the intricacies of culture and opportunities for global engagement at UTSC and beyond.

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Bògòlanfini, or mud cloth, originated in Mali and is one of Africa's most unusual and unique textile arts.

In this workshop led by textile artist Arlette Ngung, you'll travel back in time to learn traditional textile painting techniques that use natural plant dyes and fermented mud.

You will then have an opportunity to create your own piece!


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