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African Vegan Art

Explore traditional African textiles dyeing techniques inspired by Bògòlanfini, Africa’s most unusual and unique traditional textile arts. Travel back in time to learn traditional textile painting techniques combining old and new approaches to create stunning, personalized pieces. Participants will learn about the history and origin of the Bògòlanfini art and its influence on the western world. This cultural exposure is an opportunity to change the narrative of what it means to create valuable African art and showcase its influence throughout the world.

African Vegan Art, which is influenced by Bògòlanfini (mud-cloth) art, creates a handmade cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud and natural dyes. Originating from Mali, West Africa, the woven cotton strips are stitched into larger cloths, then hand painted with patterns and symbols using a variety of natural dyes, including river mud that has been aged up to a year. The motifs are usually abstract representations of everyday objects that give rise to proverbs, songs, and representations of historical events. In the workshop, participants will learn and engage with this historical textile dyeing technique to create a unique textile for themselves.

African Vegan Art



Workshop series

Valid for 4 weeks

Unlimited Art Classes

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